Monday, December 30, 2013

Whatever, dudes.

So, it's been about a year since I've updated this blog, and I just don't know if it's something that I really care about or feel like I have the time for. It boils down to this - a blog is just a way of writing one's thoughts down if/when you have time, and a way to get attention for said thoughts.

And I just don't enough to keep this going as a regular thing, I don't think.

Items keeping me from regularly updating this blasted thing:

1. Full time work.
2. Part time school for which I am trying to keep my grades high so I can be an honors student, which requires a lot of focus and dedication on my part.
3. Various projects that I've been a part of at work, the last of which was a Six Sigma project that took up a huge amount of my time, and made me very tired/unmotivated in regards to keeping my blog updated.
4. My lovely husband, who is the kind of man that requires a good amount of attention/love from his wife to keep him happy.
5. Keeping my body healthy, which requires enough dedication that I actually have attention or something (luckily my work just built an onsite gym, so I should be able to go in before work a few times a week).

Not a hugely long list by any means, but I am also the kind of person that requires some downtime each day to just chill and not worry about anything, on top of the fact that I need around 8 hours of sleep each night (at least) to keep all of the things listed above in working order...I just don't have the time/am not willing to make the time that a blog requires. Some people can do all of the above listed things and still keep this updated regularly, but dude, I just don't care. It's not important to me.

Suffice to say, I'll update this randomly at best. If at all.

The end.

Also, Christmas just straight up did not happen this year. My semester ended on the 15th or something, at the end of which I had a sinus infection that took around a week or so to get rid of, then I got bronchitis pretty much the weekend before Christmas (going around at work), so we didn't do ANYTHING. I made a very small dinner and we went to see the new Hobbit movie. No gift exchange, no stockings, no decorations. It was ridiculous.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


I love Christmas. This year was exceptionally nice because Christmas Day fell on a day I usually work, and my weekend preceded it, so I ended up with a three-day weekend for the holiday, and it was SO RELAXING.

The couple of days Viking and I had off before Christmas were filled with all the Christmas movies we were trying to cram in. In Norway, Christmas Eve is the 23rd and Christmas Day is the 24th, so we watched Love Actually as Viking's Christmas Eve tradition on the 23rd. I made sure we watched A Muppet Christmas Carol. On the American Christmas Eve, we watched the Disney Christmas collection and A Christmas Story, and went to look at Christmas lights at midnight.

In case no one else has heard (ha ha), it SNOWED on Christmas day! We woke up Christmas morning and it was raining pretty heavily. We ate breakfast, plundered our stockings, and went to the theatre to watch Django Unchained (which was awesome). When we got to the theatre, it was just raining. When we left, we had three inches of snow on our car and it was really coming down. When we got home, I started on dinner (pictures to follow), and we watched Family Guy, Wallace and Gromit, and ate, drank, and were merry.

Christmas Lights! Check out how terrifying the balloon people in the window are. 

Happy Viking!

Happy Cajun. 

Viking caught me mid-yawn. On purpose. 

Before the movie. 

And our more natural selves...

The snow on the windshield after the movie. 

Beer brined pork. 

What could it be???

A pumpkin roll!

Eye of round bison roast.


Anyways, I had a lovely holiday and I think it was a wonderful end to the year.

~ Karin

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Been very very very busy lately.

Work's been great. All the feedback I've been getting is really great, and over the past 4 months I've been really focusing on increasing my credit authority, which just happened a few days ago. I've also been taking a summer class for the summer II semester (probably a stupid idea), and I'm pretty worn down. Thankfully, there is only 1 week left and I'm FREE! My grades have been steady A's since starting school again, so here's hoping that I will continue in that vein.

On another note, later this month Viking and I will be going to Utah to visit family for a week; it will be his first time meeting my dad and stepmom, and his first time so far north in the US. He's particularly excited to see the Bonneville Salt Flats; to him it's holy ground and it is an absolute requirement that we go when we're up there. I'm excited to see family and have some time off and be OUT OF THIS WEATHER for a little while.

Things have been good. HOORAY LIFE!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

life update.

Lots of things going on lately. The Viking's back went out earlier this year, I've been switching departments and schedules at work, saving for various expenses, getting paperwork together to start school once more, and I had a bout with vertigo a few months ago.

Viking's back is slowly improving day by day, and he's scheduled to start doing physiotherapy to help strengthen the muscles that have been bothering him. He sometimes goes several days without complaining of the pain so it seems to be getting better as time goes on; hopefully the therapy will make it even better.

My vertigo is mostly gone as well - I feel it from time to time - but its pretty rare that it's a problem anymore. It's usually when I'm very tired or stressed out, but according to the doctors, it's pretty normal.

We have been saving and buying things we've been needing/wanting as well. Just today we bought a Miele vacuum cleaner, easily one of the best out there. This bodes well for both of our allergy problems and GOODNESS our carpet is clean. We also went out for a nice dinner this evening, as a Christmas treat from someone in the Viking man's family.

I've registered for a few classes at Collin College, better known as Quad C, so that I can start working towards my Computer Science degree. I should be starting in January of 2012, so I'm pretty excited about that too.

Also, I'm been playing the hell out of Skyrim for the past month and a half, and yes, it's just as amazing as everyone says it is. So play it.

Life update, short and sweet. I'm going to go back to watching 24 with the hubbs.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

wedding party.

As promised, wedding photos. We had our legal wedding ceremony on January 6th of this year, and we had a bigger party on March 8th when the weather was nice and we could plan it. Here are some of the resulting photos, again taken by a lovely photograper friend.

The cake.

Tiny penguin Viking and I.

My best friend & me madre.

My best friend's mom.

Telling everyone our story.

C-note and B-man.

Our vows.

My turn.

Obviously I cried because I'm ridiculous.

My beautiful bouquet. 

The buffet table.

Cutting our cake before it fell over in the heat.

A toast!

Drinking to said toast.

Isn't B-man handsome? I know who the Viking really wanted to marry that day...

The family.

The ladies.

Me & madre.

The handsome boys.

There were horses involved...

My hairstylist and I.

The men going stag.

Our first (and only) dance.

Bustin' a move.
This was a small portion of the actual number of photos taken, but I figured I'd keep it fairly quick. Hooray parties and food and friends and family!